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is the name given to a philosophy and understanding

of human life that can show us how to bring brighter energy into our own life and those connected to us.

Shinsundo Chi

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At Shinsundo Chi, we help people to rebalance and brighten their personal energy levels. People come to us because they are looking for change in their lives and we do our best to support them to live a brighter life.

We offer various one-to-one and small group Chi courses to support each person and our Chi Consultants and Practitioners tailor their recommendations to the individual and their circumstances. Each person’s situation is unique and our experienced Chi Practitioners put together a personalised plan for you to support a brighter present and future.

Release stress, pain and fatigue with a full body Chi Treatment and Consultation.

Chi Treatment  £60

Book a 1 to 1 Introductory Chi Movement / Meditation Class.

Session lasts up to 1 hour.

Chi Class  £50

Book a 45 minutes 1 to 1 Chi Philosophy Consultation.

Chi Consultation  £50

Chi is for life

Chi is life energy. When we have abundant Chi we can use it to create what we wish for. When our personal energy system becomes blocked, damaged or drained, Chi cannot circulate properly or be used effectively.

By clearing negative and blocked energy that has accumulated within and around us, and by recharging ourselves with bright Chi, we can start to release the tiredness, pain and stress from our life to find a clearer, brighter present and future.

These are available for both Chi Treatments and Chi Classes.

Please get in touch for further details and to make a purchase.

Chi Gift Vouchers

These Chi sessions (up to one hour) can help the individual to learn how to move Chi within and around themselves.

Chi Classes incorporate slow movements and meditation to open up the energy meridians and to promote a brighter energy flow within and around you.

Chi Classes are suitable for all ages and health conditions as movements can be tailored to your capabilities.

Book a one-to-one Introductory Class to find out more.

What is a Chi Class?

In-depth Chi Programmes are tailored to the individual and help you to gain a greater understanding of the energetic influences on your daily life.

These programmes can help to address issues with historic and current energy influences and give you an insight into how Shinsundo Chi can help you to change recurring life patterns for yourself and those connected to you.

Book a  personal Chi Philosophy Consultation to find out more.

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Experience it for yourself

We each have personal responsibility for our life and the choices we make. However, it can be hard to change our life situation on our own.

Shinsundo Chi can help you to break free of your recurring life patterns, enabling you to create greater beauty and brightness in this world, wherever you are.

By investing your own time and effort in experiencing and understanding the effects of Chi, you can change your life for the better and work towards a brighter future.

A Chi Treatment is a fully clothed, acupressure and sound energy treatment which aims to clear and brighten personal energy levels.

A course of Chi Treatments can cumulatively clear and strengthen your physical and mental energy, helping to release stress, pain and fatigue.

A Chi Treatment can be a positive and rewarding experience in how working with Shinsundo Chi can benefit you in your life.

More about Chi Treatments

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